Parket Klass

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Flooring – one of the most popular and high-quality flooring. Natural materials used in its creation, provided with floor planed slats are more popular.

The main features hardwood floors are not only its aesthetic appearance and durability, but also good sound insulation and low thermal conductivity, which depend primarily on the material from which made flooring. Preferably as a wood for a floor covering used oak, mahogany, ash, maple or birch. For example, most high-quality and durable to date has been and remains oak flooring.

Another important feature parquet flooring, which should be noted is its ability to become stronger over the years and change color in the fall sunlight on it at a certain angle. The fact that some wood under the influence of sunlight and humidity change their properties, acquiring new skills. One of the best examples of these changes can serve as oak flooring. Over the years the oak becomes stronger (sometimes it is even difficult to score a nail). This floor is like a stone, which allows him to keep the original appearance for many years.