Plastered flooring

Plastered flooring

The next step after laying, sanding parquet flooring parquet putty is a process that is masking, smoothing scratches and chips of wood, cracks and crevices in the floor. For putty mix color matched flooring laid floorboard.

Sealers Parquet different composition, color and chemical properties. From selected characteristics depends on how low will the cost of materials for flooring filler to remove the stitches. Construction materials offer putty for wood flooring at low prices from the aqueous solvent composition.

Plastered parquet performed immediately before applying the varnish, it is intended to prepare the floor before varnishing. Hard work to close the gap flooring, is inexpensive, but plays an important role in creating a beautiful cover, devoid of cracks flooring.

Very cheap clean the cracks in the floor yourself. The main thing – to choose the right shade solution that matches the tone of wood flooring, then carefully walk across the area in search of scratches. Then you can move on to the next stage – varnishing.