Polishing flooring

Polishing flooring

To parquet flooring not lost its shape, it was sanded and varnish every 6 years. As it should take care in the operation of what is really no big deal. Firstly, it is important to remove dirt and street dust, which is brought into the house on shoes and swooped through the open window, he is quietly scratching shiny coating. To do this, add the water detergent with wax additives, it is made specifically for the care of parquet, floor mop and wipe with a slightly damp wide nozzle. Thus, there is rubbing, that is fine polished parquet.

The above method is suitable for the home environment. Of course, for large rooms, this method is not used because it is too time consuming. For such premises used special techniques, such as cylindrical grinding machine for which there is a necessary chemicals for polishing.

What does the polishing parquet?

Lacquer or UV oil well increase the wear resistance surface, but the seam between boards remain unprotected. He gets the moisture is absorbed into the pine parquet basis, resulting in swelling of the joints and expansion gap between boards. In crevices accumulate dust, preventing adjoining boards that destroys the aesthetics of wood flooring. Polishing wax or polirollyu seals seams, preventing moisture absorption into a tree.

If rubbing after doing the repair parquet floor first cleaned of dust. It is important to clean dust that hurt the pores of the wood, which used special mixtures. Only then proceed to wax or polishing parquet polirollyu. Upgrade seam sealing, ie repeated rubbing back the original shine of parquet flooring.

For the flooring, which is covered with natural or oxidant oil, rubbing a must! Thus surface treatment is transparent oil-wax. Final polishing oil leaves the wood pores open, which makes necessary to protect not only the joints, but the whole surface of the flooring from moisture and dust. Dust v’yidayetsya a tree, making it dull and messy, especially parquet spoils the appearance of the light. Therefore, a special mixture of rubbing is necessary.

sealers and water-based paints can not be used for hardwood such as chestnut, cedar, oak and some others, due to prostupannya lacquered floor bluish-white spots that are not decorated with parquet. In addition to compatibility with the selected filler wood, you need to pay attention to the quality of the solution. Good mix easily grinding after drying.

polishing parquet and cork covering is recommended to perform at least once a year. This seals the seams and all flooring surface, if necessary, that will give a beautiful look flooring and increase its durability.

Polishing flooring

Polishing flooring

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