Repair flooring

Sooner or later flooring may need repair flooring. Among the most common reasons – water leaking from the neighbors (or failure of your plumbing), the effect on temperature of heating flooring. Sometimes – redevelopment. If high-quality flooring, and experts – professionals like us, then this list of reasons for the repair finishes. It should be noted that the repair flooring – it is less time consuming than installing it, and requires considerable effort.

Even if your floor in perfect condition, every five to eight years, it must be re-sanded and varnish. It is necessary to ensure that your flooring will always look like new. Proper repair flooring begins long before the floor beaten tracks.

When the repair old flooring is removed coat, if necessary – and the top layer of wood in the 0.3-0.5 mm. To do this, our experts use high quality equipment and observe in detail the technology of repair.

The primary grinding in the repair of flooring do with grinders. In rough grinding cut off the top layer of wood (held if necessary). Grinding surface often consists of several stages. It uses surface-grinding machines equipped with dust collectors.

Plastered for handling small gaps (up to six millimeters). For best results in putty mixture add dust that remains after sanding wood. Large gap filler lay senseless – they still will crack. To avoid this, a wide slit mounted small strips of the same wood as the primary coverage. Then the surface is polished.

The repair of flooring can enter and change its color. It will be useful Tinted lacquer or stain. You will also choose matte or shiny to your floor. This will significantly upgrade the look of the room. Ornament floorboard and texture, of course, does not change. The more layers of varnish put, the znosostiykishym will update your flooring.

Refresh flooring can not only with varnish. In this case, help wax, oil, soap etc.. Painting, lighting or darkening, bleaching – that’s what you can do.

And most importantly, remember: the parquet to repair most important – is, paradoxically, previous good care and maintenance.