Restoration of parquet

Flooring – best floor covering. For proper operation and care it can serve more than one generation. But along with its strength and appeal of flooring is very sensitive to negative factors. So often there is a need minor repairs or restoration parquet. To reduce the frequency of repairs flooring, it is necessary to properly care for hardwood floors, especially because it does not require any special material costs or intense physical effort. Enough to minimize the impact on the floor destructive factors such as sand, dust, water. You must regularly clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner or broom. Wash flooring should be well wrung cloth. To avoid scratches on the legs of tables and chairs better stick with felt pads.

Still in service floor loses its appearance and require restoration. Therefore, every five to seven years parquet scrape and then applying a new layer of varnish.

So what are all the same problems arise with parquet? In some cases, need restoration flooring and how?

1. Scratches and cracks. This is a rather frequent phenomenon that occurs in the use of parquet. If the scratch is fairly small size, it can be adjusted using retushuyuchoho pencil, chosen to match the flooring. With all sorts of cracks and chipped it is more complicated. To close the gap, it is necessary to start to clean the small segment, but quite hard wire. Garbage left, is extracted from the slit with a vacuum cleaner. Cracks close up putty, chosen to match the flooring. It is advisable to chemicals on the darker tone from the flooring, restored because so often place out lighter areas of the floor. After drying floor filler at this point is treated with sandpaper, wipe with a slightly damp cloth (to remove dust) and varnish.

2. drying and slacking tablets . This happens if the house had humidity or the intensive thermal drying of flooring. Remedy this defect more complicated. It should pick up the timber, suitable color and size, are made of the same wood as the flooring. Restoration of parquet in this case is to rozsohlu plate chisel or chisel to split into several pieces. Then they are removed from the mid. Then remove the adhesive agent. Depressions left by the removal parketyny carefully trimmed, gently flatten the base.

The new plate preparing, cutting off from her comb, carefully grind the cut plane location. If necessary, cut the grooves and ridges of the neighboring parketyn. If you need to replace a few boards that are there, they are pre-affirm each other as to form a single riveting. It is important to reliably check if a new riveting perfectly fall into place of old plates removed.

After training options on a basis exempt from flooring, pour heated to 150-170 degrees bitumen mastic or adhesive suitable base. Top riveting place, remove excess adhesive or mastic. After that, a new plaque must put any load. After drying, the adhesive base or mastic, which is found maintaining strong rivets in the floor, the restored area zashkuryuyut flooring, remove it from dust and varnished.

3. Scrape. The main thing – to find out the cause squeaks. Most often it appears in the case of detachment from the base flooring. Scrape – not rare where parquet executed on bitumen mastic. If the cause really lies in detachment from the base, the most rational solution is perestyl flooring.

4. Bay flooring. This timber swell, and the floor is covered with hillocks and waves. It certainly can be dried, but will benefit from this? If the flooring was separated from the base, the smartest decision would be his replacement. If rozsohsya flooring and cracked, but held firmly based, you can try to restore its above-mentioned methods. But this, of course, provided that the area of ​​flooding is low. When flooding over 50% floor flooring needs to be replaced, as no restoration it will not help.

5. Inequality flooring. Sometimes the parquet sags, forming a cavity or, on the contrary, forms a mound. Sometimes the slope of the floor in any way. Such problems usually arise from inequalities basis. In this case it is necessary to see a specialist because the flooring will fully perestylaty. Before you lay new flooring, foundation will compare. Typically, such problems arise where the owners decided to save, invest trust parquet layman. But the avaricious pays twice. Therefore, in the construction business and never on anything you can not save.

6. Worn flooring. Natural wear flooring – Frequently Asked Questions, to which we apply for restoration of parquet. Over time, wear out any material. Dull, faded parquet can be returned luster and appeal, re-covering it with varnish. To do this, the floor is treated by tape machine that removes the old varnish and eliminates inequality flooring. This process is called cycling. Then put all cracks, scratches Retouch, if necessary, replace the cracked timber. After drying putty land restoration parquet zashkuryuyut. Then the floor carefully freed from dust and varnish.

Before making repairs flooring, in any case necessary to analyze and understand what stages of the restoration have to go to achieve the result as after inspection specialist, you may find that it is easier to book places the new flooring than restore available.

Specialists “Flooring class” always ready to perform quality work on the restoration of your flooring.