Sanding parquet

Sanding parquet – probably heard these words anyone who is a beautiful home clean hardwood floors. Unfortunately, over the years flooring is becoming better and even more so if it is not timely care and fail to tsiklevat (polished parquet). Lac, which is covered with parquet, wash and then may be damaged and the top layer of flooring, poured water on the parquet flooring also does beautiful, this hardwood slats darken, crack and fall short of the base. But if your wooden floor is not the best look, do not worry, it is not necessary to change, you can simply order a Painting (grinding parquet).

What is a Painting? This, if I may say so, a process that gives your floor a second life.

During operation parquet floor she scratched and dull, so you need to remove the top layer of flooring and align it. Flooring tsyklyuyetsya in stages. The first stage of cycling (grinding) floor covering coarse-grained Sanding conducted during the first phase removed all the bumps and flooring removed darkened area with parquet lacquer. In the next step we perform fine sanding parquet flooring sanding small carry Sanding to finally align flooring.

Sanding parquet

For coarse sanding of parquet use a grinding machine drum. Fine sanding perform disk sander. In remote places (in the corners, under the battery) use angle grinders (“grinders”) or a special machine for sanding wooden floor – so-called “Sapozhok” brand SB-401.

But there are times that before Painting to perform other work for its restoration. You must carefully check the floor for the bars that behind the base and creak, so first you need to repair flooring, parquet strips that fix or replace them with new ones if they can not be reversed.

Between the stages of sanding parquet performed as putty parquet flooring. This procedure should be carried out to fill gaps between parquet strips. To color putty no different, you need to mix it with fine sawdust and wood dust that formed during grinding parquet. Putty mixture is applied not only in the gap, but also the entire flooring with a spatula. After processing the entire area of ​​wooden parquet floors polished with fine emery cloth, thus removed the remnants of unneeded filler.

After all stages of grinding (Painting) must wait until all the dust settles in the room, and then vacuum the floor, wipe with a damp cloth and proceed to one of the last stages of restoration flooring – parquet varnishing.

It should be noted that the parquet works must be carried out by specialists who have experience and specific skills in working with wood floors. Inexperienced workers can not only restore parquet and flooring and ruin or shorten its service life, and is not cheap. Book Painting experienced artists!

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