Varnishing parquet

Flooring – best known material flooring. To maintain the best quality of wood, color, appearance, quality flooring must be protected – coloring regular paint will do. Where necessary, as a rule, varnishing and lacquering – not an easy process. Thanks varnishing can keep the natural color of wood flooring, its properties and give it a specific look.

The proper coating should choose not only the paint, which is divided into two main types – professional and home, but also knowledge of the technology coverage flooring to it.

When varnishing parquet should take into account many factors. In addition to cleaning the flooring (cycling), to select the correct paint. On the basis of varnish with acetone most people allergies can occur after 2-3 weeks after coloring. Therefore, choose water-based varnish. Put them also several times. Usually 3-4, sometimes up to 8 layers.

To the tree does not change color in the future, lacquering is carried out in several stages. To begin to carefully prepare the wood: the surface must be clean of dirt, greasy stains and simply dust, and, of course, completely dry. If the surface has been a long time in damp, mold could be formed. Because of this varnish on such a surface can change the color or crack. Such surface before applying the varnish should be processed chloride of lime. Applying varnish in one thick layer is better not to do, it is desirable to apply several thin layers, it will protect the wood from external influences so much better, and layers of lacquer will form a much smoother and no water stains possible.

As for the flooring, which has already been applied varnish, then, as in the first case, the flooring should be thoroughly sanded. You must get rid of the old layer of varnish or paint using special equipment. Only then allowed to re-polish. Otherwise, after applying a new layer of varnish you can get on the treated surface many dark spots. The surface should be smooth, allowing for easier grip material and layers of varnish, so hardwood floors sanded before varnishing machine. The surface is smooth, which will significantly reduce fuel varnish.

The technology of the application is not very complicated. If the floor surface is prepared, you can start varnishing. Apply paint roller best.

Do not forget about the technology, because deviations from these simple rules could lead to a distortion of the surface of the nail, it just exfoliate and loss of color.

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